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Manipulation Recommended as 1 of 9 Non-Pharmacological Therapies during VHA Conference

In 2016, the VHA held a conference, Non-pharmacological Approaches to Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain Management, with the goals to:

1. establish consensus on the current state of evidence regarding non-pharmacological approaches to chronic musculoskeletal pain to inform VHA policy in this area and

2. begin to identify priorities for the future VHA research agenda.

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Building Good Body Mechanics Requires a Plan

  • Dr. Foster treats non surgical conditions of the spine and extremities.
  • Every patient is unique and your age, past history and body type affect the condition you are in.
  • Typically we divide care into 3 stages of repair and recovery.


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Association Between Utilization of Chiropractic Services for Treatment of Low-Back Pain and Use of Prescription Opioids

The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine recently published a study on the association between utilization of chiropractic services and the use of prescription opioid medications. We are excited to share some key takeaways from this timely study.

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Looking for a new approach to health and nutrition? Try Integrative Therapeutics!

I am delighted to announce that we are recommending a new line of neutraceuticals.

INTEGRATIVE THERAPEUTICS is in my mind one of the most science-based and sophisticated nutrition companies in the US. For the consumer, that means SAFE and Effective!

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