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Understanding Your Health History is Important

The best care begins with information about you. A private consultation with health history and exam are keys to successful treatment. To provide the best treatment,it is essential to understand your past medical history of surgeries, disease and trauma. The medicines you take, pacemakers, joint replacements, and such will affect the kind of therapy that will best suit your situation.

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Live, Work, and Play TOBACCO FREE!

Teens have been targeted by the tobacco industry as “replacement smokers” for cigarette sales.

Please look at the following website and learn what teen activists are doing to combat tobacco use:

Youth Leadership Initiative (YLI)

What Does Chiropractic Care Have to do With Wellness?

Most people initially consult a doctor of chiropractic to relieve pain in their backs, legs, necks, arms or heads. However, when a chiropractor applies his or her philosophy and techniques to correct the pain problem, there may be an unexpected but welcome secondary gain.

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