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Join Us at Mile 14 of the Little Rock Marathon – Sunday, March 2

Join us at the Couch Potato Mile!

Dr. Bev Foster is proud to be a sponsor of the 12th Annual Little Rock Marathon. This year we will host the “Couch Potato Mile” at Mile 14, which runs right in front of our clinic on West Markham Street.

DJ Uncle Jam will be set up in our parking lot providing music and entertainment, and there will be 18 couches set up right across the street on the grounds of the Arkansas School for the Deaf 18 couches for spectators. Come joint us on both sides of the street to show your support to over 13,000 marathon participants as they run by!

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Get the Details on Neck and Lower Back Pain

Ease your back pain with Dr. Bev Foster!A substantial number of systematic reviews of literature and meta-analyses have been conducted recently concerning efficacy, patient satisfaction, and cost-effectiveness of chiropractic care. The literature is consistent in reporting substantial evidence that chiropractic treatment is effective for both acute and chronic low-back and neck conditions (Bronfort 1999; Van Tulder, Koes, and Bouter 1997; Aker et al. 1996; Hurwitz et al. 1996; Shekelle et al. 1992; Anderson et al. 1992; DiFabio 1992; Ottenbacher et al. 1985).

Many other studies reported findings indicating the effectiveness of chiropractic care for conditions other than low-back and neck pain.

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Life Extension: Evergreen Secrets from Ayurveda

Live a long and happy life!

Elders in India traditionally bless the young with the words: “Shataayu Bhavah!” which means: “May you live a hundred years!” The blessing is not too removed from the literal. According to ayurveda, the human body is indeed engineered for a full five score years and more. The three pillars of life diet, sleep and self-mastery form the foundation on which ayurveda says you can build good health and longevity.

Here are some tips from Vaidya Ramakant Mishra, MAPI’s Director of Product Research and Development, to help you chart your course to a long, happy life.

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What is Whiplash?

Whiplash is a common name for an injury where the neck is “whipped” – when there is a sudden hyper-extension (rapid backward motion) followed by sudden hyper-flexion (rapid forward motion).

Whiplash can occur when the body pitches forward suddenly from a stumble, fall or other accident. It happens most typically in auto “rear-enders.” The driver of the front car, usually unsuspecting and relaxed, is hit by the force of another car slamming into him from behind. The driver’s (and/or passenger’s) head first snaps backward and then forward by the quick stopping motion. This whipping motion usually strains or tears the muscles, ligaments and soft tissues of the neck and frequently injures the cervical spine as well.

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What is Scoliosis?

Scoliosis, a disease affecting about four percent of youngsters between the ages of 9 and 14, results in an abnormal curvature of the spine that can become progressively worse. Unless it’s detected early and treated, it can cause deformity that’s difficult to correct. But when detected early, its progression can be halted in many cases.

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