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Voting For the 2016 Arkansas Times Best of Arkansas is Underway!


The Arkansas Times 2016 Best of Arkansas includes our own Dr. Beverly Foster as a nominee! Please take a moment to submit your ballot! Click here to vote!

Get Well and Stay Well!

When you see Dr. Foster you can expect a private consultation and examination with review of your general health history and current complaints. Understanding your history and the details of your condition will help Dr. Foster arrive at a working diagnosis which is the key to successful treatment.

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Understanding Your Health History is Important

The best care begins with information about you. A private consultation with health history and exam are keys to successful treatment. To provide the best treatment,it is essential to understand your past medical history of surgeries, disease and trauma. The medicines you take, pacemakers, joint replacements, and such will affect the kind of therapy that will best suit your situation.

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Dr. Foster Wins Arkansas Times Best of Arkansas 2015 Award


We are pleased to announce that the Arkansas Times Best of Arkansas 2015 award for Best Chiropractic Physician has been awarded to Dr. Beverly Foster!

We’d like to give you, our patients, staff, friends, and family a huge “thank-you,” because YOU DID IT! A link to the Arkansas Times Best of 2015 Awards is available here: http://www.arktimes.com/arkansas/best-of-arkansas-2015/Content?oid=3988253

Put A Spring in Your Step!

Foot and arch problems affect the entire skeletal system.

We can provide custom foot orthotics that slip into your shoe and support arch and foot alignment resulting in better spine and pelvic support. These orthotics typically cost from $200-$400 and qualify for most HEALTH SAVINGS ACCOUNTS.