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Manipulation Recommended as 1 of 9 Non-Pharmacological Therapies during VHA Conference

In 2016, the VHA held a conference, Non-pharmacological Approaches to Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain Management, with the goals to:

1. establish consensus on the current state of evidence regarding non-pharmacological approaches to chronic musculoskeletal pain to inform VHA policy in this area and

2. begin to identify priorities for the future VHA research agenda.

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Building Good Body Mechanics Requires a Plan

  • Dr. Foster treats non surgical conditions of the spine and extremities.
  • Every patient is unique and your age, past history and body type affect the condition you are in.
  • Typically we divide care into 3 stages of repair and recovery.


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Dr. Foster wins ADG’s 2016 Best of the Best!

Dr. Foster wins ADG's 2016 Best of the Best!

Voting For the 2016 Arkansas Times Best of Arkansas is Underway!


The Arkansas Times 2016 Best of Arkansas includes our own Dr. Beverly Foster as a nominee! Please take a moment to submit your ballot! Click here to vote!

Dr. Foster Wins Arkansas Times Best of Arkansas 2015 Award


We are pleased to announce that the Arkansas Times Best of Arkansas 2015 award for Best Chiropractic Physician has been awarded to Dr. Beverly Foster!

We’d like to give you, our patients, staff, friends, and family a huge “thank-you,” because YOU DID IT! A link to the Arkansas Times Best of 2015 Awards is available here: http://www.arktimes.com/arkansas/best-of-arkansas-2015/Content?oid=3988253