Dr. Beverly Foster
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Chiropractic Health & Rehabilitation

Get Well and Stay Well!

When you see Dr. Foster you can expect a private consultation and examination with review of your general health history and current complaints. Understanding your history and the details of your condition will help Dr. Foster arrive at a working diagnosis which is the key to successful treatment.

Together you and Dr. Foster will develop a treatment plan for progress and pain relief. Your treatment will be focused on getting well and staying well. There is no cookie cutter format for the treatment of spine and joint pain. Our close relationship with other medical specialists allows us to collaborate and refer our patients to the best of the best. We take no short cuts and work with most insurance companies.

Dr. Foster has an advanced degree in chiropractic orthopedics and years of experience managing acute and chronic back and neck pain. She is certified in posture rehabilitation and has worked with world class performers and athletes.